July 4th, 2008

Angel (John)

Denial is not just a river in Egypt *g*

I hate it when I "think". For the past fews weeks, since just before Dad's birthday I've found myself watching shows that I hate because he loved them. My missing him has instead of easing up seems to ready to jump out from just around the corner.

Tonight my brother told me that part of our dad's wishes have been fulfilled and some of his ashes were scattered on his father's grave in Missouri. Our cousin took them up himself since the family members that said they'd do it are unreliable as hell. Unless you count the fact that dad wanted some of his ashes sealed in a Budweiser bottle, that leaves only what I need to do and that is to somehow get his ashes up to Alaska and scatter them. I want to do this more than anything since he gave up his dream to go to Alaska and work in the forestry service because mom became pregnant with me. He'd always told me that it wasn't 'because of me', that he didn't go because he also wanted a family and Alaska was no place to start out.

At least now he's home.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to go back into hiding behind fannish love so I don't end up a gibbering idiot.
Cartoon Hero (Cameron)


For the Americans on my list, may you have a safe and fun holiday with your friends and family.

For the non-Americans on my list, I just hope you have a really great day.

I've been working on my thoughts and a review of Continuum since yesterday. So far it's five pages and I just hit the climax of the movie so baby's gonna grow. Which begs the question, how should I post this because I really don't want to bore people to death on a holiday. ;) So I shall offer a poll to those that are interested in it...

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How should I post my review?

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I should have it done in a little while because I'm watching the movie as I'm doing it and having to keep pausing it so I can get thoughts written down and trying my damnedest to not just bask in the pretty. :D