June 29th, 2008

Archeologist (Daniel)

Today is a GOOD day.

synecdochic and ivorygates have posted two wonderful new stories in the Mezzanine universe. (that loud noise you hear is fans of this universe squee'ing with joy and bowing in exalted thanks)

ivorygates', The War is Over and We Are Beginning, is set three years after Recessional. You may need tissues for this. I didn't simply because the beauty in the entire piece makes me ache in a good way.

synecdochic's, Rite of Passage, is NC-17 and so not safe for work that you may have to skip the job a few days to make sure that you're not putting off an aura of smutty fun.

Now please go. Read. And let them both know just how fucking good these both are.