June 25th, 2008

Only A Dream (John)

*makes little squeaking and flailing noises*

There is a fun interview of Ben Browder from the Saturn Awards last night over on the Ben Browder Portal, along with some awesome pictures of Ben, Fran and Claudia. (you no longer have to register to see the site's content)

Ben and Fran. Aren't these two the most adorable ever?

Also on the Stargate Continuum front, MGM has put up a featurette about Jack/RDA's return to SG1 for the movie. Beware that there are clips from the movie in it so.... spoiler warning....and one in particular gave me chills when I saw it.

Angel (John)

Mmmm... Claudia...

To break up things in the joint, here's a little Claudia Black picspam with pics taken from the Saturn Awards last night.

Collapse )

Leave it Claudia to be able to rock shorts and fishnets at an awards show.

(photos by the ladies at the ben browder portal and also snurched from terra firma)