June 17th, 2008

Nothing Else Matters (Cameron/Daniel)

*giggles madly*

This is one of the items up for auction from MSOL (Micheal Shanks Online). This is too adorable and I love that both guys were such good sports to put something like this on it and that Ben remembers what his fans say when they mess with him. :D

Auction Link

The story behind what Ben wrote:

quoted from SylvreWolfe
At the 07 con I was behind UCSBDad for the photo ops. As Dad got his photo op and started to walk off and I walked up, Dad pops off to Ben with a *Shanks if cuter*. Ben replied with *I'm handsome, he's pretty.* To which I then interrupted the situation, because it IS all about me, with the comment *When Shanks is old enough to grow real facial hair, I'll care.* Ben did a double take, laughing etc etc. Me and Dad and someone else then did a group photo with the Bensie, no I won't post it.