May 10th, 2008

Hardened (John)

Indiana Jones Fanfic?

I'm watching Temple of Doom right now and I'm wondering if there's any fanfic for Our Man of the Hat? :D

I love all of the Indiana Jones franchise, but Temple of Doom is my favorite. but there's just something about Indy getting brainwashed and that fight while hanging from the broken bridge, the way he tells that one guy he betrayed Shiva. *♥'s him like mad*

*counts down until new Indy is in front of my lovely blue eyes*

Would it be too geeky to show up at the movie theater with my hat, whip and bomber jack? :D
Back! (Cameron)

Continuum cover art is on again, off again

As the old adage goes, don't count your DVDs before they are hatched.

After considering the two Stargate: Continuum DVD cover art possibilities below and deciding to go with the left image (story) -- with the Stargate looming over the Earth -- FOX Home Entertainment has gone back to internal debates over which one will help the new movie put its best foot forward when it reaches store shelves on July 29.

The Powers That Be decided late this week to switch back to the ice cover (right), and are supposedly going to make the decision final next week, a FOX source tells GateWorld.

That's "final," as in it's final when you actually see it on the shelf and put it in your shopping cart.

The ice image is based on Continuum's teaser poster (minus the odd space ships that don't actually appear in the film). Check out a full-sized image over at (A full-sized image of the left version is here.)

Because of the late decision, expect to see both images floating around the Internet and in the hands of retailers. We will bring you the final-final-final cover art as soon as it is available.

Which cover image do you like better? Vote now in our totally unscientific fan poll!

Stargate fans seem to like both images, which are running a close race in the poll.

GateWorld's coverage of Stargate: Continuum continues throughout this spring and into the summer! Read our early pre-review (mostly spoiler-free) of the film, and pre-order it now at (DVD - Blu-ray).

That is actually high praise I think for the artist(s) that designed these covers. I have never seen such indecision over a DVD cover before. It's great! But it should be very obvious to TPTB that what they need to do is issue DVDs of both covers. They'll sell more DVDs because folks will more than likely want a copy of each one. (especially those of us that love the hell out of both of them.)