May 2nd, 2008

Right On (John)

Woohoo! Ben's Burbank Con DVD is Available!


A true genre superstar there is no guest that goes further to put on a moving, inspiring and hilarious on-stage appearance than BEN BROWDER, star of Farscape and Stargate SG-1. Here he is in this super-exclusive DVD presentation of his Farscape Convention show, his only convention appearance of the year outside a brief promotional showing at San Diego. Get to know the man behind the television heroes we love.

The DVD is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and playable worldwide.

Now I just to figure out how much ass I have to kiss to get mom to buy it for me.
Got Your Back (John/Aeryn)

My Nephew, the Hero.

Today there wasn't any school because it was a teacher workday so H was home keeping an eye out on his sister V and another little girl (their mom's boyfriend's daughter) while their parents were at work. About 12:30 he heard someone messing with the front door to the house trying to break in. H had the girls start making a bunch of noise to let whoever it was know that someone was home, but apparently they didn't buy it and kept trying to get in the front door. That's when H got the two younger girls out the back of the house and to their neighbor where they called the police.

The policeman that talked to H, the girls, and B (ex-sis-in-law's boyfriend) was very impressed with H and told him he did exactly the right thing. H said he just wanted to make sure the two girls were safe.

I don't know if they caught the guy or not (I'm sure they would have mentioned it to my mom if the guy had), but I doubt that they'll be leaving the kids alone like that for a while despite the fact they actually live in a very nice middle-income neighborhood. I don't believe the guy got in. He probably heard the noise that they were making suddenly stop and figured out that it wasn't a good idea to keep trying to get in.

I have always known that my nephew was smart, but I am frelling PROUD of him for keeping cool in a damn dangerous situation and looking out for the little ones. He'll be 14 in a couple weeks. H has always thought of things a bit differently than other kids, and that was probably the factor that let him do the right things without panicking. (he has a tendency to freak us out with serious philosophical questions about religion, the afterlife, and human nature as I've mentioned here from time to time.)

That's my baby boy!

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