April 7th, 2008

Angel (John)

(no subject)

I really want something to fucking smash right now. I am so sick of my motherfucking family, sick of every goddamn thing on this motherfucking planet. ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel (John)

state of fic and me

- Remix is almost finished.

- Just completed a Daniel/Cam fic.

- Continuing to wail against the 'No-Frelling-Idea Flu' for my Sweet Charity fic. The characters are staring at me and going 'nenner nenner neeeener'. It's rather obnoxious.

- Trying to finish/fix a prezzie story for ivorygates that is long overdue.

- Started re-working an old fic. Not going to say the title in case it takes me five hundred years to fix it.
Angel (John)

Music Suggestions

I want to do a video for Cam/Teal'c. Either "buddy" or slash, I'm not sure yet. The thing is that no song in my collection has clicked in my head yet with what I want show with these two guys which is mainly their similarities and how they're not as different as they seem and how it brings them together.

What I'm asking is for the songs that come to mind when you think of Cam and Teal'c, or what song makes you think of them as it's playing.