April 1st, 2008

Angel (John)

It's definitely purdy

iTunes and Quicktime did an update when I restarted my computer and one of the things it installed was the Safari browser. I've been fiddling around with it while watching the BSG marathon on Skiffy (taking a break from housework).

I'm one of those that are slow to change when it comes to things like this because I've learned to wait for the 'next version', but since I know that Safari has been around a bit I figured I go ahead with the install and I really like the look of it. Particularly the way the default font looks since it's really easy to read (big plus for me).

I figured I'd leave it on for about a week to check things out a bit more. Anyone have any particular opinion on it or warning about this browser?
Angel (John)

Medium 4x10

I'm sitting here in shock at the ending to Wicked Game part 2. Damn what an ending! I'm actually going to miss Angelica Houston on the show. She was amazing as always.

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Angel (John)

I've come to a decision.

It was hard to do, but after a lot of soul searching I've decided that I'm no longer a Ben Browder fangirl. In fact I've already gotten rid of my old layout and will be going through and filtering out my icons.

eta: now that April fool's is done and over, my penance is here.