March 21st, 2008

Angel (John)

(no subject)

I have been fighting kids and computers all afternoon. I had a scare when trying to get mom's computer online (our connection is too weak for two computers to be on at the same time), I re-started my computer after clearing the cache on the router and modem and nothing happened. WTF? After attempting it again several times and on the urge of panic, I just stopped and sat back and stared at the powered down monitor and pushed the total fucking meltdown to the side and let my mind go blank for several minutes. Then I unhooked everything and opened it up and cleaned out any dust that I could find with compressed air and a q-tip. There was quite a bit on the fan-blades and after I was satisfied I restarted it up with success this time and I barely restrained my happy dance. *g* I'm currently posting on M's computer and defragging it. Because she's not online at her house it's been two years since it's had any updates. It doesn't help that the girl only has 33% free space left, so things are going sloooow. And for some reason neither browser will bring up yahoo mail, gmail, nor Firefox's Theme/Add-on pages despite having all firewalls disabled.

I have a headache, backache, and my shoulder hurts where one of the kids punched me because I turned off a playstation.

I am ready for this "good" friday to be over with. And I want to be back on my computer.