February 21st, 2008

Angel (John)

Have I mentioned lately that the government *sucks*?

We were supposed to have my dad's funeral tomorrow, but we can't. Because the state has yet to release his body for cremation. They're pretty much going 'Oh you can have you dead dad
next week.'

Cocksucking mother fucking sons of whores.

Nice to know that the universe is consistent and dad can still get fucked over by the state even after death.
Angel (John)

Trying to maintain my Zen by playing with Evil!Daniel

I'd always wanted to do a hard core John Crichton video to the song Blow Up The Outside World, but couldn't get it to quite work in my head (that honor has now gone to Disturbed's
Violence Fetish
), but then I saw the video by Soundgarden for the first time in years and it hit me: Daniel in Absolute Power. And baby, I'm going to make sure this video is as dark as I can make it.

Speaking of being evil.

Poll #1142341 Certainly Not "Coup By Clam"

If you were to throw a coup, how would you do it?

Hard and fast
Creeping from the inside out
Ticky Boxes will rule the world! Bwahaha!
Come to the darkside, young ticky box...

** Re-post due to totally fubar'ing the poll in the previous one. for some reason it just wouldn't work.