February 16th, 2008

Angel (John)

I am a romantic at heart.

In fact, one could say that I’m a total fucking sap when it comes to a couple fighting against odds to be together.


When it comes to fic, I prefer slash over het. One reason is because I am so fucking burned. out. with het. If it's damn good and recc'd by folks whose opinion I respect I shall read gladly, but 99% of the time... Been there done that, please don't get me a fucking t-shirt.

There is one het pairing I love above all others and that is John/Aeryn, because they are the kind of dysfunctional, happy, psychotic couple that we should all try and become part of some day.

On the opposite side is the one pairing I despise with a fiery passion: Daniel/Vala. Why do I hate them so much you might be asking? They are so perfect together and should have little babies that’ll grow up and take over the SGC!

No. Just… NO. And you wanna know why? Cause of the shippers for that pair. Don’t get me wrong… Actually, thinking about it I don’t care if you get me wrong. If you’re a Daniel/Vala shipper and you’ve gushed all over the boards and LJ about their Tru Wuv. It's your fault I can’t stand them together. I could have liked them. In fact, I can guaran-damn-tee I would have loved them together if I still watched SG-1 like I did back in the beginning (by beginning I mean back when the series first started).

*sighs nostalgically* I miss the days when I could watch SG-1 without shipping anyone (even if I did kinda ship Jack/Sam in back of my mind just a tad. who doesn't ship somewhat subconsciously?). I was into the show for the shooting and watching Daniel being smart and getting his pretty ass whooped.

But the point of this is I am here for the hawt boy sex. John/Scorpius, John/Stark, John/Braca, Teal'c/Cameron, Daniel/Cameron, Jack/Daniel, Jack/Cameron, *cough*Ronan/Teal'c*cough* It don't matter.Take me to your leader.

But for the record: John/Scorpius will always be my OTP.

This total rambling post was brought to you by they letters P, M & S.