February 8th, 2008

Angel (John)

OMG! I think I'm turning into a zombie.

While been afflicted with the plague I don't have any appetite except for cravings for meat (and vegetable beef soup).

Now that's different for me.

Things that make me smile and feel better.
synecdochic has Cammie/Daniel porn and it is.... gawwwd....*feels feverish all over again* It immediately follows Declination.

gigerisgod's newest part to her Cameron/Ba'al fic.
Angel (John)

If you're not reading it already...

And for the life of me... WHY AREN'T YOU?!

Go read ivorygates' new story Contradance. It follows synecdochic's Right Ascension that I recc'd in my previous post.

And for your own health, please PLEASE do not have any flammable liquids near your computer, do not read if you have a heart condition, and please keep an iced drink at your side because the hotness of this story is probably going to start several wildfires.