October 31st, 2007

Angel (John)

Happy Halloween!

I don't have anything special to do tonight. No kids to make into zombie and no witch hats to fit on my head or babies to carry when they get too tired from sore feet. It makes me sad but then I think that my babies are going out for a lot of fun tonight and I hope everyone comes home safely.

This is just a little something I wrote at work yesterday and it seems to be in the 'spirit' of the holiday. :D

What happens when a man is pushed too far? The answer is simple and clear.

Or rather – not so clear when his dreams turn scarlet. Red and black. Black and red all over.

Ha. That joke would have been funny once upon a time. Now it’s just old and used. As used and abused as when you first tear yourself away from the nightmare figure stalking your every waking move.
Angel (John)

I hear voices!

No, I really do hear them. They come out of my speakers on the computer.

Don't give me that look.

It appears that I am picking up some wayward radio or tv or something.

Could be aliens.

Or maybe it could be John Crichton trying to reach me and tell me the secret to wormhole travel.

I got something that'll give you a laugh. I went and bought me a little tiara, and an eyepatch (ended up not wearing it cause bugged me) from the local costume shop by my work for the hell of it and when I got into the office one of the guys asked me if I was that dark haired chick that pissed off the Ori.

How's that for a kicker?