September 15th, 2007

Angel (John)

Well waddya was real.

Last week (at least I think it was last week) I received an email saying someone gave me a $50 gift certificate to I figured it was spam and was about to delete it. Instead I figured I'd just play with it to see what would happen. So I ordered seasons 1 and 3 of SG-1. It didn't occur to me that the certificate was addressed to 'Kaz' and not 'Shannon' until the next day. Still I expected to get a notice saying that there was some screw up and the gift certificate had been a fake.

Season 1 arrived yesterday in the mail.


So whoever sent me that... THANK YOU!

I forgot to mention this the other day, but Farscape's Wayne Pygram and his wife announced (via Emerald City) that on September 11th they brought into the world a bouncing baby boy. If you'd like to offer your congratulations and well wishes, you can do so here.

First day at work on the phones has been pretty good despite sinus headaches, late buses and ripping my gum on a carrot and now having a swollen jaw. I received a prize for getting 100% four times on my call QA and put into the '300 Club' and was told that's impressive for a first week there.

Topper to the week came at the bus stop in Seattle last night:

I got hit on by a Mexican dude who claimed to be a "sailor".
"Sailor": I'm a lonely man.
Me: I'm gay
"Sailor": How does that work?
Me *thinking and trying to not bust out laughing*: Dude you're a guy and supposedly a "Sailor" I'm sure you've thought of shit most lesbians don't dream of!
Me: Toys. We use lots of toys.

Then he sat across the aisle from me on the bus and patted the seat next to him and said 'sit next to me'. I told him 'No, I like my leg room. I kick.'

Dear Mr. "Sailor" Man:

Just because you're wearing a camo jacket does not constitute that I will believe you are in fact a "Sailor". Also, any "Sailor" worth his salt is not going to be coming up with shitty come-on lines like "I'm a lonely boy." When a chick tells you they don't like guys. Get a freakin clue!

Plus you're creepy... and an idiot.

No love,
Angel (John)

I ♥ my mama

Aunt calls to start crap about my cousin Jamie Sue based on lies my dad's told. Jamie Sue is in tears when mom comes in the house and takes the phone from her. (This is one of two aunts of mine that mom whooped the shit out of when I was 12 after they tried to claim that mom was cheating on dad.)

Mom's response to my aunt after she tries the talk trash:

Do not fuck with us. I will bury you under the jail.

There's more family stuff that happened, but I'm just too tired today to write it up.
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Angel (John)

Uh oh...

Anyone know what happened to leelee_cakes? I know I've been missing everyone's posts lately, but I think I would have remembered reading if anything was wrong with her.

And so weird. It doesn't cross out the name on a post like it does on my profile page.

ETA: Hell, I clicked on her name and it said her account has been suspended! WTF?