September 9th, 2007


I've gotten rusty already.

I thought it'd be hard to keep up my daily posts with my schedule, but now I'm realizing how hard it is to actually post at all. Weird.

My cousin Jamie Sue has come down to Florida from Missouri to help take care of my dad beause he is obviously not taking care of himself the way he needs. Plus he's been blitzed on Jim Beam since my uncle passed away so it's he's been nuttier than 'usual'. Considering his nutbar scale is usually tipping at 11...that's... I have no words.

Anyway, mom said that Jamie Sue freaked when she saw H and S, particularly S since she's the spitting image of my sister. It happens a lot. People who know that Tina died years ago and then seeing S now. The only difference in their looks is that S has died her hair Auburn and Tina was a blond when she passed.

Bro was pulled over for a DUI, he blew a 1."something" after the funeral. Stupid ass. He only had to pay one last payment on his probation and he could have been released from it early after it was paid. We don't know if this will fall in the three strikes rule or what since it was his first DUI. T was so stupid to drink at our second cousins place after the funeral, but Patton funerals (or any get-together) involve vast amounts of food and alcohol. It's hard not to pick one up out of habit.

S has a boyfriend. I don't like it cause the girl is too pretty and has the most gorgeous green eyes. Mom doesn't like it too, but she's not going to be completely totalitarian when it comes to dating. Personally I'd lock the girl away until she was 30. But that's because mom didn't put down her foot with Tina and my sister was pregnant at 15. I have a bad feeling history is going to repeat itself. At least mom did tell the boy, in front of his mother, if you're just dating S to get in her pants...I will hurt you so badly you'll never want to try it again. The boy looked at his mother and her answer was: You better be listening.
*snicker* And trust me when my mom threatens you - you quake in your boots. Mom reminds me a bit of Aeryn Sun in that way. :D
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Fanfic Crack


Looks like I won a couple awards in TF's fanfic awards and was inducted to the Farscape Fanfic Hall of Fame. Don't know how I feel about that since I'm still trying to just get the bloody voting done for the Auroras. Honestly, I don't want to count the induction since the wins that got me in aren't for the 'official' Fanfic Awards.

If you're curious though I won at TF for:

Momentary Comfort - Best Romanace: Other R-NC17 1st Place
Best Characterization (Chiana) 3rd Place

Song to the Siren - Best Romance: Other G-PG13 2nd Place

It's nice that it was my Chiana fics that were recognized though. Thanks to whoever nominated me and voted.

Fic: Quiet Heroes part 2

Author's Note: Once more I'd like to thank Sarahjane and lizamanynames for both the beta and being extra eyes on this. I apologize that it's taken me so long to get the rest up, but I kept changing things and trying to fix the tenses as well as get some formatting issues worked out to keep the pacing even throughout the story. You'll see what I mean when you get to it. ;) It's actually a good thing this bugger sat on my hard drive for a year or else I don't think I would still be as happy with it. But finally my buddy fic is complete and I'm glad I was able to let others see Ccri's story. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Setting: Immediately after Scratch and Sniff
Rated: PG
Characters: John,D'Argo, Ccri (OC)
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Part 1

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