August 30th, 2007

Angel (John)

Fandom hits RL

I found out today that my trainer at work is one of the best friends of the guy who does the music for BSG. In fact McCreary was the best man at P's first wedding and they've known each other since they were 11 years old. I think he also said that McCreary is apparently doing the music for the
Sarah Connor Chronicles
, or he thinks he is since he mentioned the show and had to cancel on a hiking trip with P and some other friends next month. It was kinda funny since we were doing our typical 'icebreaker' before the next section (we do this each morning) and I brought up the music for the BSG finale and he busted out laughing. P doesn't even watch the show but he remembered when him and his friends had gone down to visit McCreary and he'd been on his way to record part of the song and they'd tagged along.