August 17th, 2007


On my own again...

preface: I wrote most of this before I got back online.

I'd forgotten how dang lonely it is. And considering I prefer to be alone...that's saying something. Could be the fact I don't have a tv yet to play DVDs in the background. Or the fact I'm an idiot for letting a check of the last of my money fall out of my purse the day I moved. Gotta tell ya, stressing out as I'm counting pennies and dimes (literally) to have enough for the bus really makes me what a fucking cig. Or that I haven't yet gotten into my new routine just yet. (ended up walking two miles Tuesday morning for orientation since I got off at the wrong stop.)

But I have remembered you can make tea in a coffee pot. And learned that you can re-heat spaghetti in the oven with only a flour tortilla and tin foil. :D

I like my place. I like being on my own again. It's just been so dang long. Please forgive the labor pains here. I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

I now have food, a pot, pan, and a crockpot. a plate and a bowl along with a couple cups. The Dollar Tree is GOD. (AOM fronted me the monies until the check I lost can be replaced.)

I really am loving it, I'm just going to have to readjust to being completely alone again. Now for something more important... Pictures! All of these were taken by avenuepotter while I was signing the lease.