August 7th, 2007

Angel (John)

For those going to Dragon*Con

Saw this on the thread for it over on TF and figured I'd pass the word onto you all on my flist.

Just got this email. A heads up for getting around DragonCon...

Heard from someone on the security staff that this year the Fire Marshall is going to close the back steps near the pool at the Hyatt leading across the street to the Marriott during "Peak" hours (as far as I'm concerned, thats all day)and that people wanting to get from one hotel to the other will have to walk out the front or side doors of the Hyatt and walk down the sides or take the tubes. Also, the back escalators in the Marriott that lead down to what used to be the Dealer's Room will be closed due to the Marriott being remodeled and again, people will have to access the Hilton via outside on the sides of the hotel.

I also heard that all of the tables that used to be located on the level with the Centennial Ballroom will not be allowed to be therethis year and will all be moved down to the level below.