August 5th, 2007

Angel (John)

*insert witty comment*

My day was pretty cool. Went to look at an apartment in Tacoma and fell in love with it. Old building, spruced up studio, hardwood floors, claw-foot bathtub and a view of Mt. Rainer. Pets allowed. Train and bus nearby that stops close to work and school... And only $530/mo.

What's not to love? ;) Hopefully I can get it. avenuepotter went to drop off the application for me (would have filled it out at the place but the manager has another job and was running late) but the manager didn't show back up at the time she'd said. We're going to try again tomorrow. *looks at clock* Correct

Later on her finace took me to see Martina McBride in concert since he had an extra ticket. Pretty good concert. She's just as gorgeous in person as on her promo pics and on tv. The opening act was a band called Little Big Town. Great band, but they were down a female vocalist due to going to early labor and the remaining female vocalist needs to work it a bit better. The guys were awesome! I have a feeling they'll be around for a while.