July 26th, 2007

Angel (John)

Are we in the mob?

Interview went well today. It kinda weird because it was in a bar and the owner of the place interviewed me in 'the fish tank room'. And just like the name implies the walls were fish tanks with little couches and ottomans to sit on. I felt like I was in a damn mob movie or something (didn't help that the guy was Italian too). From what he'd said I'd made his short list of potentials, and he liked the fact that I'm self-taught and a fast learner when it comes to the duties (web designer/graphic artist/office manager). Only one hang up that I can see - I've never used a Mac. But he said the programs that he uses on the office computers are closely related enough to Photoshop and Dreamweaver that I shouldn't have a problem. Plus some of my first classes are going to be learning how to use Macs anyway. I explained that most of my graphics aren't what one would normally expect since I am self-taught and like to do artsy and he asked that I email him some of my stuff.

So having done that now all I have to do is wait to see if I get a second interview. I really want this job. I really really want this job. It would be chaotic and stressful, but it'll fit my school schedule more easily than the other one I'm up for and so fucking cool. I went in there confident acting and told him that since I don't have a lot of hang ups as those that have done it for years would have and he could mold me to whatever duties need to be done. I sounded like a schmuck but I was having fun with it. *snicker*
Angel (John)

More Ben Browder News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Via TvGuide:

Browder is writing and starring in Going Homer, Sci Fi Channel's just-announced six-hour miniseries. He’ll play the father of a 12-year-old boy who sees Greek and Roman gods walking among us. The actor/writer and his writing partner, Farscape’s Andrew Prowse, have also sold a movie script, Black Mountain, to MGM. In the flick, Browder will get his action hero on, playing a investigator trying to solve horrific murders in a small town. We hear shooting could start this fall.

That loud noise you hear... is me going SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! with excitement!

eta: In my excitement I forgot to also mention that Claudia has another bambino on the way!

As for Black, she had to bow out of a role on the new NBC cop drama Life, in which she would have played star Damian Lewis’ former wife, because of a scheduling conflict. The Australian actress is due to give birth to her second baby in November. Life producer Rand Ravich says he hopes to find a role for her in the show later in the season. If Life has a long one, that is.

Now we know why she hasn't signed on to do the Burbank con this year.
Angel (John)

I am not a science fiction reader. Make me one.

As some of you on my flist know I am a big fan of the horror genre. Have been since I first picked up Pet Semetary when my aunt gave it to me around 8 or 9 years old. I've tried to get into science fiction stories/novels multiple times over the years and it never really caught fire in me like horror has done.

So...I'm putting a call out for reccs of your favorite science fiction novels. And if you'd be so kind, could you tell me why you like them. I'm not asking for a long synopsis, just what's the first thing you think of when that particular novel or story comes to mind.

eta: if you know of any online copies that would be most excellent. :D