July 24th, 2007

Angel (John)

*keeps fingers and toes crossed*

Well they liked me at the interview today. Really liked me. Telling me I'd be a perfect fit for the company they represent and even gave me a W-4 to fill out and a direct deposit form. But these guys are not the final say so on the hiring so I have one more interview (next Tuesday) and a credit check. God I hate those for the final stage for a job especially with my crappy credit.

And because of that crappy credit I'm going on to another job interview tomorrow and whatever other interviews I can get until I get hired for sure.

Oh the Farscape front...

Brain Henson and Ben Browder are the fucking draddest. Never been more happy to say: Spoilers in the link. :D

Oh and for those that would like a "Do NOT harsh my happy Farscape bubble with bitching about Collapse ) free zone. I'm setting up pillows and drinks and maybe a few of Rygel's hookahs