July 22nd, 2007

Angel (John)

Cheesy, but I still like it.

My sweet
Bring me tonight into your arms
Let me look at the light and life of worlds in your eyes
Know forever you are in my heart
My dreams
I surrendered to your powers long and long ago
I live on within the soul of another
Forever my dear I am in your heart

This was something I'd made up for one of my fics a long time ago and rediscovered tonight.
Sanity (John)

Vid Re-Edit: Down In The Cellar

Title: Down in the Cellar
Music: Cellar Door (Donnie Darko soundtrack)
Spoilers: Season 2
Characters: John, Harvey, Scorpius
Links: Unrealized Reality | MediaFire

Notes: This was a lot harder to redo than I thought. I kept getting lost and frustrated. Finally I stepped back and began to rethink what I'm showing with this and it all clicked into place for me again. This is pretty much the same video as before only with better quality clips, but I couldn't help myself and also switched and added a couple as well.

Continued thanks to Brent Barrett for extending the music so long ago.

I hope you like the improvements and continue to enjoy this as much as I do.