July 20th, 2007

Angel (John)

Matt Roush still loves his Farscape

And we love him. Link

Question: I don't know about you, but I was quite excited to learn that there will be new Farscape episodes, even if they'll just be shown on the Web. What is your opinion of these "webisodes”? I know Battlestar Galactica has done them in the past. Are they novelty items that are around just to promote a website? Or are they a legitimate storytelling medium?— Andrea

Matt Roush: For me, there's no downside in reviving the Farscape franchise, even if only for the webisphere in bite-size minisodes. It's not yet clear just how long each of these 10 installments will be, but they probably won't be more than a handful of minutes. They certainly won't be full-length episodes. The deal was brand-new when Sci Fi announced it over the weekend, and details are still scarce. I know Sci Fi hopes to use original core characters and actors, and you have to figure Ben Browder at the very least is a strong candidate to return, since he's still in business with Sci Fi, developing a future miniseries. The real issue here is whether these story vignettes will be satisfying creatively, since they're almost certain to leave every Farscape fan craving even more. (What else is new?) The way the original press release was framed left me thinking this basically provides a window of opportunity to try to inject new life into the franchise. With Battlestar Galactica nearing the end of its run, the timing could hardly be more advantageous to return to the show that put Sci Fi on the map for many critics and discerning fans
Angel (John)

*tries to control foot tapping*

It's a good thing I don't have a car here right? Cause I really want a fucking cigarette and no one to kill in order to get it.

It's been five days and Yoda is almost out of jerky.

eta: And the worst part? I'm drinking a goddamn Coke!

*goes to look for tea*