July 14th, 2007

Angel (John)

*glares at flist*

So which one of you has the plague and gave it to me? It must be a summer cold that I have because christ I feel even worse than I did yesterday. At least I was able to get some damn sleep.

This might be a good opportunity for me to finish some things using avenuepotter's laptop. I love that sucker for vidding and photoshop, but just for reading/writing on...it's too bloody big! Just as a side note about AOM's laptop: every time I see Carter's on SG-1 I giggle since it appears to be the same model.

*waves hello to buzzymultimedia* I don't know how you found me of all people, but you came as a pleasant surprise when I checked my email.
Angel (John)

Tag List

I need to figure out how to incorporate my tag list onto this style sheet.


That's all I can think of for now since I'm almost drunk and I shouldn't be since I'm sick but I fuck it. And believe it or not...margaritas DO go with pizza! LMAO

I'll add more when I'm not so buzzed.
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