July 9th, 2007

Angel (John)

Comic Con Schedule is up

Figured I'd pass the word for those that'll actually get to go. *jealous as hell*

On Friday:

12:15-1:15 Stargate SG-1: The Movie—It’s been barely a month since television’s longest-running sci-fi series aired its final episode, yet the SG-1 team is already embarking on a perilous new mission—to recover the Ark of Truth with the hopes that the power locked inside the ancient artifact will loosen the grip of the Ori army on our galaxy. Never-before-seen footage from the new direct-to-video movie (from Fox Home Entertainment) will be followed by a Q&A session. Participants include SG-1 stars Ben Browder (as Cameron Mitchell), Amanda Tapping (as Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (as Daniel Jackson), Christopher Judge (as Teal’c) and executive producer/director Robert Cooper. Ballroom 20

4:15-5:45 The Jim Henson Company: The Skrumps, Puppet Up! Uncensored, and More—Join co-CEOs Brian Henson (Farscape) and Lisa Henson (MirrorMask) along with Halle Stanford (Muppets Tonight), Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!), and John Chandler (creator, The Skrumps) to learn about the Henson Company’s newest gang of characters, The Skrumps, and see a live demonstration of the revolutionary technology that brings this animated troupe to life. Also featured will be a live performance of a sketch from the company’s stage show Puppet Up! Uncensored. Special guest performers Patrick Bristow (The Groundlings), Julianne Buescher (Puppet Up!), and Michelan Sisti (Dinosaurs). Ballroom 20

Link for the entire schedule
Angel (John)

*insert brain here*

Night before last I couldn't sleep so I vidded and only got about four hours sleep, but I figured that if I tried to take a nap I'd be up all night again and I'm trying to get into some sort of "normal" sleep schedule with school starting in only a month. So I stayed up despite how spastic and brain dead I felt most of the day. I went to bed about 9pm figuring on sleeping through the night.

Guess what... didn't happen. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and was up until about 4-5am then fell back asleep just as it was getting light out. I woke up again at 10am and am feeling like I've been hit with a 2x4 across the back of my head. At the moment I'm half asleep and my coffee isn't touching it. So now that I've gotten chores out of the way and some resumes sent off I think I will take a nap because my tardy monthly cycle has decided to hit after being about three weeks overdue.

eta: Nap didn't happen. Chocolate milk didn't even help. *pout*