July 3rd, 2007

Angel (John)

School Update - Yay!

Well, after a minor panic attack (more closely related to a freak out) since I'd gotten an email stating I hadn't received a second loan for tuition, I got good news and bad news. Good news: I've got all my financial aid. Bad news: I had to give up trying to get student housing to do it. Which basically means I've got to figure out how to afford a place around here.

The guy I was supposed to see about employment/work study was out sick. Unfortunately he hadn't put me on his appointment list since he'd kept his book open all day. I wasn't the only one that was told he'd been out sick for two days. I re-scheduled for Thursday. Admissions woman left him an email and a voice mail saying that she'd heard about an opening coming up in the library so he can try and hold that spot for me. *crosses fingers*

I'm also going for the placement tests that same afternoon. I really don't want to have to take the basics over again since it's been so long since I took my last English and math class. I know there's no way around getting out of taking the writing class though. blech. One good thing about that is that I'm a much better writer than the last time I took it. Thank god for fanfic and betas, right? ;)

So now my focus for the next month is getting me a place for me and my dog in Seattle once I get some cash saved up. (avenuepotter had been willing to take him but complications arose. So she's also having to find homes for her cats. She says if I can take her cat Smaug, she'll pay the pet deposit for the place if it requires one.)

But on August 16th I'll start classes. This is actually a mid-session so it only lasts a month, two weeks off for fall break then the next set of classes start October 1st. Those first classes are going to be exhausting as hell. My videos and graphics are being reviewed by the admission committee and Admissions Woman for some reason kept pushing for me to start next week, but I have too many ends to tie up first. Cash being the primary one. But YAY! I'm starting school in August!!!!

ETA: I forgot to mention this... On the ferry ride home, I'd went to the concession stand to buy avenuepotter a fruit drink since she was feeling shaky (figured it was her blood sugar), anyway I go back out on the deck and start listening to my music again and AOM comes up and says they're calling my name over the intercom. I go see what the heck is up and it turns out that I'd dropped my wallet after I paid for the drink and someone turned it in. omg There wasn't much, but all of my cash was still inside! I thank them and then go back out on the deck, don't get halfway through Into the Ocean and someone taps me on the shoulder. It's a couple and they're asking if I'd gotten my wallet back since they were the ones that turned it in. Dude! That was so very cool of them to check up on if my stuff was given back to me. They didn't have to even do that much. I doubly thanked them and was a very happy person that I'd lucked out with it being
that had found my wallet. So I went back to my tunes and smiled all through the rest of the ferry ride.
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