June 29th, 2007

Fanfic Crack

Officially closed now.

I'd like to really thank EVERYONE that has signed up for what should be a seriously kick ass ficathon!

We have 19 participants and I am just blown away with all the
writers that have graced this ficathon. A lot of old school Farscape writers coming back into the fold for a short time. *is extremely happy*


ETA: Got a 20th person lined up! *does snoopy happy dance*
Angel (John)

I should stop spamming now, right?

Now don't act like you're surprised by this. It turns out I'd fit in best with the crew of Moya. :D

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ETA: Oh that looks like crap with my journal layout. Blech!

ETA2: Am I the only one that LJ is not sending emails to? It's been two days now. For a little while notifications trickled in, but nothing for hours and the status page is saying there isn't nothing wrong.
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Angel (John)

I should know better

Instead of going to bed like I was intending I:

- fixed avenuepotter's iPod Shuffle thingy. Couldn't do a thing about the headphone part though so the sound is for crap, but at least it plays music now.
- worked some more on gigerisgod's beta (jesus I need to finish that!)
- uploaded 41 songs (my writing remix) to the iPod Shuffle
- wondered how insane I am for trying to write an original story that's Blade Runnerish when I have never actually watched the movie. (bad luck on getting to watch it)
- put a load of laundry on to wash
- mopped the kitchen floor with the worlds worst mop. Seriously, using paper towels and mean green would have been better.
- threw Yoda outside for a while as a punishment for snapping at avenuepotter's cat Smaug.
- aired out the house after determining that I am indeed allergic to avenuepotter's incense after I lit up a stick and went into a sneezing fit.
- wrote two sentences of Mitchell fic and ditched it because I'm chicken to write SG-1
- am now reading Sheppard/Mitchell slash
- just now started to yawn and am debating on whether or not to go to actually go to bed

ETA: to fix typo that was proof I should not post when I've stayed up that long.