June 27th, 2007

Angel (John)

Here come the drums. Here come the drums!

This subject line is brought to you by the impulse to stick things in Astro's head. *bg*

Got a question for all you girls and guys and swell cats of all ages. Is a half a bottle of Jose too much to pour in the blender with the ice and (almost) equal part margarita mix? It's my first time making them.

This has been a very strange feeling day. Not in a good way. I've been hyper and easy to tick off and I really restrained myself when someone pretty much said in a PM I hold others in contempt when I answer replies to my videos because I don't do it enough and that my asking for an emotional response over technical is boring. It took three rotations of my music writing remix to calm down enough to answer and all day to think of a response to her that didn't say basically to just frell off.

And dudes...I can't believe the people that have signed up so far for my ficathon! *boggles* Yowza!

*blows you all smooches*

ETA: I got this rating because of ass and pain.

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