June 22nd, 2007

Angel (John)

All together now...Awwww

A quick cap from a spoilery interview with Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping talking about Continuum. Interview link.

no there were no Korean and Russian subtitles. thank you very much.

This picture is too damn adorable since Ben's hair is long in it. Unfortunately we only get to see his bangs and sides, but the title and little pictures on the book he's reading makes up for it. ;)

Please Wake me (Cameron)

Cameron Mitchell in Unending

Please someone on my flist talk to me or on your own LJ about Cameron in this episode beyond a cursory sentence or two because I really don't give a fuck about Daniel and Vala. At least not together. :D

I admit I'm being a little fangirl bitch but after months of waiting for people's reactions...I need a bone thrown please. I'm not like most of you guys with the meta and the deep and articulate thoughts immediately after watching. It's taken me forever to finish even watching the entire episode just because I hit a certain point with Mitchell in this and I'm like 'oh hell yeah. That's how it feels.' and I can't get beyond that. It's like I'm a puppy caught up in it's reflection and doesn't know what to do with it. *blush*

Spoilery pics for Cam Collapse )
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