June 19th, 2007

Angel (John)

Don't you hate when Leatherface shows up in your dreams?

I think it has to do with me seeing the trailer for Rob Zombie's re-imagining of Halloween earlier tonight. While I am excited about the movie, I do NOT like it when mass murderers pop up in my dreams. Especially when that dream is playing out like a movie and I want to shout at the people in them to stop being bumpkins and lock the fucking doors and windows! I can handle the dad getting it after he made his pregnant daughter go 'fetch the firewood' while her husband and him talked about that pesky weird guy they took the chainsaw from earlier. I woke myself up when I couldn't get the back door in my dream to lock and the old hound dog and her pup wanted to sleep on the back porch. I know what's going to happen next and I refuse to participate!

So I got up, got me some orange juice and figured I'd write about it to keep Leatherface away.

*finishes up drink*

Let's hope it worked cause it was weird watching him help the little girl close windows (her from the inside, him from the outside) and then waving at her before her mother came.
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Disney on Acid - Farscape Potluck Ficathon

There are several different types of ficathons out there: General prompts or requests that are traded, the remix, and using quotes or lyrics. I've given this some thought after reading comments/suggestions and noticing which way the polls were blowing. ;)

So... this one is going to cover them all because Farscape characters come from all walks of life and so do its fans. What I've decided was to allow each participant to work with what is comfortable to them when they receive their assignment and hopefully each person involved will get a fic they'll be very happy with in the end. Hopefully there will be far less freaking and fretting this way (at least from me). :D

What does that mean?

- You comment here using the format below.
- You make your request, pick your favorite quote or lyric, and if you've written more than three fics - link to your fic archive. This gives each person a choice on the type of story he or she will write once they receive their assignment.
- If you have not written three or more fics in the past - please put "Opt Out" next to Remix to let me know. You are still allowed to participate in the ficathon using the remaining two methods, but this will make matching you far easier.

Comments will be screened.

ETA: I switched the comments to be viewable because I wasn't getting notified when a new one came in and it was driving me nuts! :D

Signups Begin: Today (June 19th)

Signups End: Thursday (June 28th)

I'll have assignments out that Sunday. (July 1st)

Stories Due: September 30th

Story Length: 700 words (minimum)

Collapse )

Thank you to everyone that has participated in my polls and given suggestions/tips. I really appreciate the input.

Please use caution in wording your requests in case there are those that have not seen all of the series. Thanks.