June 9th, 2007

Angel (John)

Because I'm a good little crack dealer,

avenuepotter couldn't stand to wait for mom to ship my season 1 DVDs of
so she went and bought them herself yesterday along with the second season of
Twin Peaks
. Yes, I admit I have never seen the series. We've gotten through the first movie and the first two episodes so far since her boyfriend is a
Twin Peaks
fanboy. :D

We went and saw
Surf's Up
in the theater because she was going stir crazy after lying in bed for two days after having four wisdom teeth pulled AT THE SAME TIME.

I highly recommend it (the movie, not the teeth pulling) and afterward you'll understand why AOM were shouting Chicken Joe! afterward. :D

Last night I had some freaky dreams and unfortunately the only thing I remember is that there was a serial killer in them, Robert Redford was in one part and he said the words 'twiddle twaddle'. wtf?