June 4th, 2007

Angel (John)

well that bites

After spending 36 hours over the weekend going through a database and gathering a list of a couple hundred emails for avenuepotter's seminar today...not a single person showed up. blech

I hope the one tomorrow will be a better success.

And on top of that. Because of staying up for so long, even after I got some sleep I now I think I'm getting old cause I've dozed off several times today while working. Which by the way...when you fall asleep with a laptop on...well your lap... for a few hours they get freaking HOT! That's all I need - having DELL branded into my thighs.


Two nights ago I don't know what the little bugger did in the span of 10 minutes once he jumped off the couch but when he came back I noticed Yoda licking his lips a bunch. I thought maybe he just climbed the table and snuck a slice of pizza off my plate. So I took my napkin and pulled him up on my lap only to find that it's not pizza sauce... *flail*... he's skinned off the top of his nose along with the area between it and his mouth.

*freaks out*

I never could find what he got into that could have caused it. He didn't yip or anything so that leaves out AOM's cats. The only other thing I can possibly think of is the doggie door to the garage, but he didn't act skiddish of it or anything when he followed me as I searched the house.

And to end on a lighter note:
This one is just too funny and
it's favorite freaking way to lay in his bed!

ETA: Oh is anyone else not getting notifications? I was getting them earlier in the day, but not now. It's probably another symptom of that DDoS attack or something.