May 27th, 2007

Angel (John)

I figured out something

After watching
The Ugly Truth
tonight (we've been slowly Scaping avenuepotter's boyfriend), I couldn't help but giggle at Zhaan's version of things. She so writes slash and her OTP of choice is D'Argo/John.

If it's handy, go pop in the episode and look at how she views John and D'Argo. It's adorable and not too surprising if she did secretly write slash fic, I mean she is over 800 years old. The girl's gotta get bored and sometimes you're on the darkside of the moon wishing for the sunrise. :D

Oh, and if anyone is interested I posted a thread over on TF about stereotyping fic writers. I tried to make it as non-wanky as possible in order to satisfy my curiosity and get some discussion going. I'm weird that way. ;)

I've been trying to keep up with my answers to each person, but every time I've went to post it something has come up around the house.

I really need a different fic icon. I'm bored as hell with this one.