May 7th, 2007

Angel (John)

In Memorium

Margret Harpole, my grandmother and second toughest lady I know, has finally went home to be with grandpa.

Angel (John)

jesus jumpin jehosaphat

Dear PMS Gods,

Please stop with the backache conjured up from the pits of hell. I would like to be able to find comfortable position that'll last more than two minutes.

no love,

It's been a week and I've only had two packs of cigarettes which is quite an accomplishment for me. *throws confetti*

Yoda saw the ocean for the first time today with avenuepotter. I believe the words she used to describe his reaction was 'I've never seen a dog that was such a pussy.' *snerk*

The other day apparently was free comic book day and AOM and her boyfriend hooked me up with some Buffy comics, as well a variety for my nephew H (including some Transformers). I think she about busted a gasket (no pun intended) when I told her that there was Transformers fic since I'm apparently in the presence of another Starscream fangirl.

Now time to go take some more Excedrine, call mom to see how she's doing and get ready for new Heroes tonight. I guess I need to watch the episode from last week, huh?