April 30th, 2007

Angel (John)

Happy Birthday azuremonkey!

I hope you have a wonderful and fun filled special day. ♥

Since my computer is fixing to be shut down and packed up for UPS tomorrow, I know I'm going to go crazy worrying about it until it's hooked back up and need something of a distraction for the plane (other than checking on Yoda every five seconds in his carrier) so I'm finally going to take the plunge since the 5 Things meme is making the rounds again.

If anyone is interested, I'll take prompts for Farscape... *scrunches up face in dread* ...and I guess SG-1 (seasons 9 & 10) but please be gentle (and don't expect military jargon) with that one since I've never written in that fandom before.

I'll print them out at mom's before I leave for the airport Tuesday morning and work on them on the plane. :D
Angel (John)

Vid Re-Edit: Innocence

I was going to wait until after Wednesday to post this, but I'm exhausted and the kids are insane and I needed a distraction. So here I sit on mammy's 'puter.

Title: Innocence
Music: Return to Innocence by Enigma.
Characters: John and Aeryn
Spoilers: Relativity, Meltdown with a sprinkling of Green Eyed Monster and Peacekeeper Wars.
Link: My site | MediaFire

Notes: When I first vidded this I stated that this has to be one of the hottest songs - ever. That opinion hasn't changed. Only the clips have since I've always despised the Skiffy logo on the original video. Okay... maybe I kinda switched around clips so they're not linear. shades

And some of you out there, just keep in mind....there is no distinction. ;)

There's almost no real clip matching with the lyrics here, it's mostly setting and mood. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

This is an additional note on the video brought on by oneeyethedrd's comment here. It's going behind a spoiler cut to be on the safe side.

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