April 29th, 2007

Angel (John)

*smacks LJ a few times*

Anyone else having trouble with LJ notifications? It started a couple days ago for me, but only when I was chatting with gigerisgod on her LJ. Now it's happening with other comments and/or replies.

The problem isn't consistent, but it is annoying as hell.
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Angel (John)

When It Rains, It Pours.

A few times over the last few years I've asked for prayers for my grandmother who's health has been up and down because of her age (she's 95 now). She's suffered from Alzheimer's for quite a while now and needs constant care, too much for my mom's siblings to handle, so she's been in a adult care facility. But a couple weeks ago, she fell trying to get out of bed to find her babies (two dolls she believes are her children that passed away in childhood) and shattered her hip. Since then her health has dramatically gone downhill and my aunt Susan called mom this morning saying that grandma can go at any time. The earliest flight my mom could get was tomorrow, depleting her accounts when bills are coming up due, and there's a chance she won't even get there in time.

Some of you might remember that mom lost a sister to some very rapid cancer about a month ago, passing away within weeks of being diagnosed. Between her sister, basically losing her home due to the selling of the trailer park, me moving away, and now her mom...

I know none of you know my mom except through me on the boards or by reading my LJ, but Mom needs some help emotionally and spiritually. She's getting more and more depressed and feeling as if she's losing everyone and I hate to see her like this because there's nothing I can fucking do. I think the only thing that has kept her from breaking down is the new baby because through all of this, the only time she smiles is when she's holding Junior.

Thankfully mom's church is watching her four for the day to take some burden off of her mind since they're not the best behaved kids and selfish enough to not give her any peace while she's trying to come to terms with what's currently happening.

I'm not going to ask for prayers for grandma. Not to be callous, but because I believe it's her time and she'll go quietly in her sleep and get the rest she deserves after a long life and she'll finally be back with grandpa and her kids that have gone before her.

I just know my mom needs some help and it never hurts to have a few extra souls praying to help ease her own.

ETA: She told me a few minutes ago that a new call from her sister, and the doctors are saying they don't even think grandma will last the night. weeping

ETA2: Grandma surprised them and made it through the night and mom safely boarded the plane around noon. I haven't heard from her since then so I'm not sure what's going on at the moment.

Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes, hugs and prayers! We
appreciate them.
Angel (John)

I, Robot

When this came out I wasn't interested in watching it because of things I'd read online, and I'm referring to LJers not critics. It had been out on DVD for a few months before I finally borrowed it from mom to check it out. Mostly because Will Smith is one of my tv boyfriends - and I saw on American Chopper the bike they created specifically for Smith and the movie premiere. So freaking sweet! I think what I'd read earlier still colored my interest because I didn't think much of it other than Smith was damn pretty in this. After catching it on FX a few times now, I'm in love with the movie. I don't know which character I love more, Sonny or Det. Spooner. Each time I see it now, I find more things about Spooner I didn't notice before. And might I just say they were fucking genius when it came to creating Sonny because I can also say the same thing about noticing more about the character each time I watch the movie.

Did I already mention that Will Smith was very beautiful in this? Because he was. And it's not just because of the physique either. It's the way he played this character: not perfect and very emotional and flawed.

Does anyone happen to know if there are any fic about Spooner and Sonny becoming partners in some way?