April 23rd, 2007


Fic rec

I know everyone is wallowing in the fic heaven of remix_redux, but I'd also like to direct you to new Sarahjane fic. Some Farscape/SG-1 yummy goodness at that. :D

Joy Ride
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Terra Firma (Farscape), S10 (SG-1)
Spoilers: None that I can see for Farscape, very minor for SG-1 Bounty.
Angel (John)

Well I'm glad that weekend is freaking over with.

And it was kind enough to end on a freaky note by me dreaming about SG-1 having sex with a bug (he looked human at first). Black slimy stuff all over them during it. I woke up to the phone ringing (five minutes before my alarm sounded) just as they all were taking pregnancy tests and me popping into the dream asking if they'd drop me off on a nice world with a red moon. WTF?

Anyway it was my lovely mother calling to tell me that she's taking her car into the dealership to have the dash replaced and then she was kind enough to get pissed at me for letting her know that the bossman had two tests at the doctors and has no idea of the details... so neither do I since they're new to him. Yeah. There's nothing like hearing yelling when I first wake up. She said something about how she never gets to do what she wants. All I could think, and say, was 'welcome to my life mom.'
Angel (John)

Anyone remember David from Design Star?

I'd been looking forward to checking out whatever show they'd created for him and somehow I missed the start of his series Color Splash. I saw the commercial this morning and figured I'd pass it on for those that liked the dude as much as I did.

Only problem? It's on at the same time as NEW HEROES!

Ack! It repeats though at 1am at least.

Does anyone remember a series or mini-series that was on Showtime called Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City? For the longest time all I could I remember was the fact it was set in San Fransisco during the 70's and that I'd really enjoyed it. Finally this morning it popped in my head that Olympia Dukakis was one of the actors in it and found the name of the show. Now all I just have to find a copy of it. LOL
Angel (John)


I'm MOVING to Washington State!!!!!!!! On May 1st!

What started out avenuepotter (Angel of Moya) having me come out for a couple weeks to do some work for her has turned into her letting me stay on as a roomie for about six weeks to get me on my feet out there! I'm so damn excited I just had to shout about it! More details later on what spurred this on. :D
Angel (John)



*wishes commercials would end faster*

ETA: *stares at the screen in shock* Whoa...

Uh...I have nothing coherent after that.