April 17th, 2007

Angel (John)

Random post

SG-1's Absolute Power favorite line (one of many actually):

Daniel: "You never were that bright."
Jack: "I know."

Evil!Daniel is the best!

I need a good Daniel icon. And fic recs!
Angel (John)

Just a little SG-1 note about 10x12

Found this via Google Alert in Alex Levine's blog on Skiffy's site. Tread in lightly if you're spoiler phobic. link

Collapse )

By the way, I've finally come to a conclusion about my feelings for Landry... I don't like him. Re-watching older episodes made me really miss Hammond. His attitude toward people under his command and his superiors was balanced just right. Respectful of everyone and strong.

Oops... put the wrong episode number in my subject.
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