April 2nd, 2007

Angel (John)

For jebbypal: Vid Commentary

I feel weird for doing this since I've never done it before, but I wanted to address a few things that she brought up in her wonderful review last night of Good Intentions. *keeps it forever and calls it Ringo* I actually wrote this up last night but I swear to god as soon as I went to post this and a re-edit of another video the freaking cable/internet went out until this morning.

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Angel (John)

Vid: One Thing (new edit)

Title: One Thing (re-edit #3)
Music: Finger Eleven
Spoilers: Seasons 1-4
Link: Unrealized Reality
Notes: Yup, you read that right, this is the third and final edit of the second video I ever did. When I'd done the second re-edit a little over two years ago I was in a rush to get it finished in order to send it into Burbank and I was still very new to Vegas so it wasn't the greatest. Plus I'd always intended to re-do it with DVD clips, and I realized that in my pursuit to finish other newer vids I already had all the clips I needed I do the re-edit. :D

So that's what I did. But I also tightened up the timing - a lot, changed out a few sequences, transitions, and redid the sepia coloring throughout, lightening it. One cool thing I discovered was a great way to re-do the clips from season four since I've always thought the way they were shot was way too sharp (that's the photoshop geek speaking there). I was also able to add something to the video that desperately needed to be in there from the moment that the idea to vid this song hit me but I didn't have the technical know how or the means at the time of either edit. You'll see what I mean. ;)

Just for the hell of it, if you can't remember what the original looked like, or never saw it at all, here it is over at Farscape Fantasy. Compare them and let me know what you think afterward. They say third times the charm so I hope I got this bugger right this time. ;)
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