March 5th, 2007

Angel (John)

*cough* *hack* *dies*

I've barely gotten any sleep over the past few nights because one of my loving family decided to share the flu with me again. I've spent most of the day asleep in a ball under two comfortors. I had to go across town this morning to pick up mom at the car dealership and all I wanted to do was sleep as I drove in too heavy traffic.

Why is it I can actaully get some rest during the day but at night I'm waking up every few minutes having my lungs forcibly removed a spoonful at a time?

If you need me, I'll be under my blanket dying of the plague..again.
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Angel (John)

*insert witting subject line*

I was meaning to post this earlier today, but comas tend to put a damper on intentions. I got back up to get me something to drink and take some more cold meds since Nyquil seems to be losing again when it comes to keeping me asleep through the hacking.

Please tell me:

-- Your favorite type of dystopian settings.

-- What your favorite types of mysteries?

-- Do you prefer drama over intrigue, if so why?

Just to clarify some about the last question. I'm referring to those types of dramas that isn't just about character development, but also about keeping you on your toes and keeping you guessing.