February 22nd, 2007

Angel (John)

Bye bye baby. Don't be long. I'll worry about you while you're gone.

I think I've finally seen all of Kingdom Hospital. I really do like that bug fuck crazy series. In particular the opening title sequence. I so want to be able to do things like that. There's a lot freaky things in the whole series, but I really enjoy seeing Andrew McCarthy in it. I think there may be a moment here and there of fangirl'ing in some of his scenes.


Last night instead of just finishing the sequel for Come Together, I ended up writing almost a thousand word on a fic based on someone else's universe, on a story that they haven't even finished yet, much less posted. 0_o

I think the problem is the fact I have to write John and Aeryn at this point in the story and I always seem to have trouble finding the right balance when it comes to these two. I cannot stop myself from over thinking their relationship. I'll write and then erase what I've just put down. Sheesh I need to just get over that.


I plan on taking M to see The Abandoned over the weekend. It was part of Horror Fest that was promoted on tv back in November. Unfortunately, Horror Fest didn't happen in my area, so Yay! for wider distribution! :D

I also want to take H to see Ghost Rider, the only problem is that K wants to see it too and it wouldn't be fair to take one boy and not the other. Though I guess since K finally admitted to trying to break into the bossman's house while we're out, I shouldn't feel too bad for not taking him, right? (oh that little reveal will be discussed in another post.)
Angel (John)

Just leave it to my mother.

I gave her back the iPod a little bit ago and started to show her how to use it. She's not even holding it for five frelling minutes and she FREEZES IT! I swear that woman should NOT be allowed to operate any type of technology. *face palm*

Since I'm still a newbie at this sucker myself...anyone care to tell me how I unfreeze it? It would be so much easier if I could just take out the batteries. the look

ETA: astrogirl2 is my heeerroooo. :D