February 12th, 2007

Angel (John)

*insert witty subject*

Well, my brother surprised me and didn't kill his oldest daughter for dying her hair. In fact, he kind of likes it. Though he's worried that she looks too much like me. (the color is the same one I usually dye my hair)

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I mentioned this to lizamanynames last night and I might as well share the story on here for posterity.

Last night me, my brother and A had a conversation that's become almost a habit. He can not understand how we can find Jack Nicholson sexy without actually lusting after him and that we think its more his personality that is sexy. It's rather funny each time we get into it. Mostly because of the faces he makes.

The first time ended with him becoming traumatized because the convo led to Daisy Duke and me saying I used to want to be like her. He screamed and said I ruined all his fantasies he'd ever had about her. Me and A were laughing so hard that night we had tears in our eyes.

I think we'd also talked about how our third cousin's wife ruined things for him because he seriously crushed on Olivia Newton John and she'd told him she was a lesbian (I don't think she used that actual word since she was a Pentecostal preacher and we were just kids). I've never actually heard of her being one so I don't know where this woman got the idea, but at the time I was 11 and he was 9. It didn't stop him from watching whatever movie she was in at the time. In fact I think he still does. The guy will never admit it but he has the movie taste of a teenage girl at times. I've lost track of how many times he's watched the
Miss Congeniality
movies. *snerk*


It looks like Megacon is a go! M is really looking forward to it since I told her that she'll also possibly meet artists and writers there. In fact she's already planned out her outfit for it. She said she wants to look just right for meeting Gigi. Ha! I think she's also interested in finding out about how Wayne balances acting with being in two bands.

*crosses fingers and toes that things don't change before Friday.*


I gave H his first journal yesterday to help channel some of his anger over the family situation. I told him that whenever he's angry or hurt to write it down and it will help with those feelings instead of acting out. He was afraid that his mom would read it since she goes through his things. I asked him if he had a hiding spot that she didn't know about and he said he did but it was outside. So I gave him a large ziplock bag to keep the moisture from it. The other reason I gave it to him was to maybe help him in his reading since he gets frustrated that some words are too hard for him.
Angel (John)

Heroes 1x15

I swear to god this show is out to kill me.

I kept alternating between Awwww and Oh fuck!

Ack and next week looks to even worse! I want to see it NOW!

Dammit I really need a Heroes icon.
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