December 30th, 2006

Angel (John)

Hey Dawg, did you see the size of that chicken?

*waves at flist*

I don't really have much to say this morning, just figured I'd drop a note:

We're all anticipating the baby. We've had one emergency room trip, the day after Christmas, that turned out to be Braxton-Hicks. H is still hoping a bit the ultrasound was wrong and it's a boy after all. His denial is really cute.

My Christmas haul (not counting my earlier entry from the bossman's family gift giving) consisted of a shirt, fifty dollars taped to body wash, and a little knick knack by brother picked up at a truck stop on his way down.

astrogirl2 wrote me a wonderful story for uncharted_elves. John and Stark during A Hidden Memory. *hugs fic to chest* A Burden Shared.

For those of you that I normally chat with on YIM, I haven't been on because it's being a little piece of dren and not connecting. After I get back from the store I'm going to uninstall and reinstall the software.
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