December 21st, 2006

Angel (John)

Peekaboo...I see youuuu.

Just got home from having my
needed eye exam. Thanks to the fact that I received a Walmart gift card (loaded with $200) as a Christmas gift.

The regular 30 minute exam turned into an hour exam because my left eye seems to be a lot weaker than my right and the doctor wanted to make sure about a few things. She asked if I'd ever been diagnosed with lazy eye in the left. When I told her that I'd only ever been told I was near-sighted and had a astigmatism in the left. She wanted to dilate my eyes and redo the exam, actually performing a few more tests to double check things.

After it was all over I found out that I was neither near or far sighted as I'd been told over the years, but
eyes do have astigmatisms in them. We talked some more about my history and came to the conclusion that I'd always been misdiagnosed and this is why I continued to have headaches long after I was wearing glasses, and also (this revelation came after I got home) why I have the capacity to trip over flat ground. ha! If she hadn't redone the tests as she had, the prescription would have been too strong and I'd have continued having trouble with headaches, as well as lights and working on the computer.

I chose a pair of smoky gray frames ($118), that came with a free magnetized sunglasses to sit on top of the frames, and gave them my gift card, and apparently mom didn't take into account the doctor's fees along with the exam and frames because I was $43 short. So the manager took everything off and helped me find a pair of frames similar to what I'd originally picked out, only in the section marked as $74 and without the sunglass attachment. Oh well, who needs fancy right? ;) I still have glasses coming in the next week. Yay! If you'd told me as a kid I'd be excited about wearing glasses, I would have said you were off your nut.

*edited to fix the two solid blocks of text*
Angel (John)

I'm just a spammin' fool tonight.

I don't care how many times I've seen the movie Hidalgo I never grow tired of it. Every time Hopkins tells him "let 'er buck" during the final stretch makes me feel like jumping up and down and root for them as I first did in the theater. Okay, I didn't really jump up and down, but I kicked the seat in front of me repeatedly chanting GO! And when he releases Hidalgo back into the wild, I always feel like crying as I smile at the images on the screen.

While I enjoy Mortensen's performance in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I am in absolute awe of his performance in this movie. You can tell he put a lot of heart into it, and wanted to tell a good story. I also love the fact that after the movie finished filming he bought the horse that played Hidalgo. ♥