October 12th, 2006

Angel (John)

*lights a candle*

A good friend of the family and next door neighbor died this morning when his camero missed the turn less than a mile from here and struck a pole. He died instantly.

I'm glad mom and I got to talk to him on Monday, telling about the huge bee hive mom discovered on his place and had destroyed and teased him about doing karaoke. Jim always reminded me of an old cowboy because he had a very quiet way about him.

Rest in Peace Jim. You'll definitely be missed.
Angel (John)

Jericho 1x04

Just a few thoughts on last night's episode.Collapse )

And Dexter is growing on me. spoonishly said pretty much all of the same things I like about the show so far. And she's got a Captain Jack picspam going on. :D

Now time to get some hot pockets ready for M and tonight's episode of Supernatural.

ETA: Why the fuck aren't my lj cuts working right?! Plus I keep having to go back and fix the time for some reason. They need to finish their little tweaks so lj is back to working right. Or at least working right in my little world.