September 26th, 2006

Angel (John)

My mom is a fangirl

I asked her if she wants me to get her an autographed picture of Kent McCord in Burbank and her face lit up with a smile, but she said no that it would be a waste of money. Ah, poor pragmatic mothers.

She then went on to tell me about how much she loves the show House, but she's decided to put in her will never to take her to a doctor like him and told me about an episode of it and Vanished. From what she said that new series is one for me to catch. (If I can remember that is.)

I missed Studio 60 and Heroes...again. I've wanted to catch both of these, but I keep forgetting what night they're on.

We're supposed to be getting a couple cold fronts through here, and it is nice and overcast, but can't breathe outside! It had been nice this past week since the humidity was almost non-existent.

After I do some running for the bossman, I plan on hitting up the library to work on my finish-a-thon story. The only problem is that the library is almost as hot as outside in the only area set up with outlets for laptops. Oh, well. At least I'll get some writing done. Either on it, or the little cheer-up-Liza fic I started on YIM the other day. I hope.

Bossman keeps getting answers to his ad for a new driver, but as soon as anyone hears that its!