September 2nd, 2006

Angel (John)


GIP GIP GIIIIIP GIP GIP. /end bad little sesame street alien impersonation.

Made because of some John/Chocolate mischievousness over at scout27's. LJ.

It's currently 409 kb, so waaay too big for lj. But if someoene is genius enough to get it smaller without reducing smaller than 100x100, (you can't make his bootie out at a smaller scale) I'll - and probably few others - will love you forever. ;-)
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Angel (John)

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Are there any good SG-1 fics out there dealing with Mitchell's recovery before Avalon part 1?

I just finished watching synecdochic's video Recovering the Satellites (yes she has an awesome fic by the same name) and it really made me want to read some Mitchell recovery fic. I'd really hoped they would have shown more of that over time, but I'll settle for well written fic if there is any. :/