August 31st, 2006

Angel (John)

*basks in the lovily grayness of cloudy skies*

Life in bullet points:

- I've really enjoyed the visit Ernesto paid us.

- Happy Birthday sdwolfpup!

- It looks like my buddy fic won the finish-a-thon polls. I was kind of secretly hoping for that. Maybe I can get off my duff and finish the sucker now.

- Finished one banner for sweetcharityvox, sent it to the winner, and still trying to find just the right look for Aeryn to complete oneeyethedrd's banner.

- Almost done with two music videos, this includes the one I owe azuremonkey for the first round of Sweet Charity. Since she's been so very patient, I'm going to do her up wallpaper to go with it.

- halcyon_shift is finishing up Used To Be Our Playground. Squee! Make sure you guys go poke sticks encourage her. *vbg*

- People need to stop with these 5 Things memes, they keep making want to cry with the Farscape and SG1 ones.

- Just because a guy is 90 years old, doesn't excuse him from being an asshole. If he was senile I could see excusing, since he's not...he should know better and should be called on it.