August 23rd, 2006


Don't ask me where this came from.

Author's Note: I was just watching a Buffy video, and this hit me for some reason because of the lyrics. I don't even know how well I caught Xhalax Sun with this drabble. Yeah, you heard me...Xhalax Sun. I don't even like those episodes that much. This hasn't had a beta, so please feel free to hit me if I've screwed something up.
Spoilers: Relativity and just to be on the safe side, The Choice.

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Angel (John)

just a dab of creep factor will do you.

So far this week I've had dreams about:
- Spooky three story houses
- Ghosts
- Zombies
- Teal'c owning and running a sporting good store and trying to sell me a leather fedora.
- Unknown animals (sounded like dogs, yet not) barking loudly and breaking glass trying to get into a house in the suburbs.
- Outrageous chains of lightning going across the sky
- Driving a bus.
- Pulling over to help a woman broke down, she had a little boy with her. She was just standing there, smiling as I got out of the bus then a semi smashed into her van. I ran over and she was in the center of the van, holding the little boy, screaming and laughing at the same time.

And it's only Tuesday.
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