August 17th, 2006

Angel (John)

all of these spoilery pics of the 200th episode...

has seriously improved my mood over yesterday. And thank god lizamanynames is back from her wedding/honeymoon so she can virtually hold my hand tomorrow during it because I am so going to die during this episode. I don't even know if I can watch the entire thing.

See I have this problem with parody. I love it, but there's something in my head that can't handle it. I usually end up covering my eyes and ears and humming a lot. Which is why I refused to watch any of the Naked Gun or Scary Movie movies in the theater. It's only out of fear that some people just don't understand I can't handle the good crack and will call the men with the cool drugs and the white coats!

If you're as much of a spoiler slut as I am, then you should check out this thread. Beware! Here Be Huge Honkin Spoilers for 200!

So if you see a big messy spot here instead of my regular old LJ, that means my brain imploded and left a lot of squishy stuff.

Oh, and I am here by laying down the law...Collapse )

I just can't handle it! *dies at the thought*

*Edited because I said the word 'episode' too many dang times in this post.
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